AFC Asian Cup 2023 Team Squad, Players List

By | March 25, 2023

AFC Asian Cup 2023 Team Squad, Players List: The 2023 AFC Asian Cup is going to be a great treat for the football fans in Asia, just at the beginning of the year. It is true that famous teams like Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal will not be playing in this tournament. This basically suggests that the AFC Asian Cup 2023 is for the underdogs of the Football world. Every single edition of the Asian Cup, one underdog team gets qualified for the next FIFA confederations cup and the same is going to happen this time as well. The FIFA Confederations Cup is considered the most important and prestigious trophy after the FIFA World Cup getting an automatic qualification in it is a big thing. There are also possibilities that the winner of the AFC Asian Cup 2023 might turn out to be the hosts of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2021.

AFC Asian Cup 2023 Team

The host nation which is the United Arab Emirates were automatically qualified for the AFC Asian Cup 2023. But the other 23 teams had to go through a qualifying competition running from March 2015 to March 2018. The first two rounds of qualification were the preliminary qualification round of the FIFA World Cup. This was an idea of the AFC Competitions Committee to merge these two. The AFC Asian Cup 2023 is going to be historic since this is the first time that this tournament is going to be contested by 24 teams which is an expansion from the 16-team format. This means that more opportunities for the underdog teams are being given which is a great thing. Before you know the AFC Asian Cup 2023 team details, you should know about the qualification process.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 Team

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Which teams have qualified for Asian Cup 2023?

A full list of every team that’s qualified and their groups is below.

Group A Group B
UAE Australia
Thailand Syria
India Palestine
Bahrain Jordan


Group C Group D
South Korea Iran
China Iraq
Philippines Vietnam
Kyrgyzstan Yemen


Group E Group F
Saudi Arabia Japan
Qatar Uzbekistan
Lebanon Oman
North Korea Turkmenistan

The qualification rounds took place in three stages and the first two stages were merged with the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification. After the completion of the first round, the number is teams were reduced to 40. And in the second round, 20 40 teams were divided into eight groups of 5. These teams played home and away round robin matches and the number of teams in left after the completion of this round was 24.

Now, these 24 teams were divided into 6 groups of 4 and the competition was for the remaining slots of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup. These qualifying competitions actually ran for 3 years since the first match took place on 12th March 2015 and the final match of the third round took place on 27th March 2018.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 live streaming

All the 24 teams qualified are going to give their best in the tournament, because the stakes are high. The AFC Asian Cup 2023 team details are not yet out completely. The squad of most of the teams is not decided but the teams who will be playing in the tournament are decided.

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We all know that the host gets qualified automatically and in that case, the runner-up of Asian Cup 2023 will get qualified for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2021. The kickoff of the tournament is not that far and that is a reason why many news is coming up every single day about it. Even a lot about the AFC Asian Cup 2023 team details are out, which you should know about.

The teams qualified for the AFC Asian Cup 2023 and the AFC Asian Cup 2023 Team Details are:

  1. Australia – Defending Champions
  2. Bahrain
  3. China PR
  4. DPR Korea
  5. India
  6. Iran
  7. Iraq
  8. Japan
  9. Jordan
  10. Kyrgyz Republic – Qualified for the first time
  11. Lebanon
  12. Oman
  13. Palestine
  14. Philippines – Qualified for the first time
  15. Qatar
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Korea Republic
  18. Syria
  19. Thailand
  20. Turkmenistan
  21. United Arab Emirates – The Host
  22. Uzbekistan
  23. Vietnam – First appearance as a unified country
  24. Yemen – First appearance as a unified country

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