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The AFC Asian Cup 2019 is not as per as it seems to be. The 17th edition of the tournament is going to start on 5th January 2019. It is the craze of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia that this tournament is not being talked about much. On the other hand, it is high time you should know a thing or two about the AFC Asian Cup 2019 already. This is the reason why this website is dedicated to these updates.

The privacy of every single user who is accessing this website is important and we understand that. The latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) says that we have to update all the details on how we collect and use the data of the users. We are absolutely committed to safeguarding your privacy and there is nothing for you to worry about. The privacy statement quoted here tells you everything about it.`

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The processing is absolutely lawful and the activities we perform related to the processing falls under lawful grounds. It is also limited to the purpose for which the personal data might be gathered. At the same time, minimal data is used for processing. The data we gather from you is also limited for a period and will automatically be deleted after some time. The integrity and the confidentiality of your data is our priority.

Your email address and name will be asked if you want to comment something on our website. This increases the customer experience on our website and that is the reason why we ask for the information. It is confidential to you and we don’t leak it anywhere.

Apart from the information that you enter about yourself, there is information that is automatically collected by us. Those are the cookies and other session tools. This information is only used for a better customer experience and a better recommendation of things you would like to have a look at. It is collected by us from Google Analytics which are mostly nonpersonal information. If you still think you should not share it, you can use the opt-out plugin on your browser anytime.

The privacy policies of the external sites that we link you to, might be different. No responsibility for those are taken by us and it is completely that website’s responsibility. This is the reason why you should check the privacy policy every time before you access any other website.

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The personal data of yours are used on legitimate grounds and with complete consent of yours. You can opt out or not enter your personal details, and we do not force you for it. With the consent of yours, will send you newsletters and campaign offers according to availability. If you choose not to receive newsletter or campaign offers, you will not. There is no such compulsion at all.

No one else can access your personal data because we do not share it with anyone whosoever. We do our very best to keep your personal data safe and secure.