2023 AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV Channel List

By | June 8, 2023

2023 AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV channel: The AFC Asian Cup 2023 is the 18th edition of the AFC Asian Cup. It is going to be something that the Asian football fans can look for after the FIFA World Cup 2018 comes to an end. This is a quadrennial international men’s football championship tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and hence named The AFC Asian Cup. Many people don’t know this but the AFC Asian Cup is the second oldest Continental Football Championship after the very famous Copa America. Many famous teams of Asia will also take part in this competition and overall it is going to be one hell of a tournament.

AFC Asian Cup Live

2023 AFC Asian Cup Tv Channel

The winning team of the AFC Asian Cup 2023 will be declared as a champion of Asia. If that was not enough, that team will also qualify for the FIFA Confederations Cup automatically. The defending Champion walking into the AFC Asian Cup 2019 is Australia. Last time was the first time Australia won the title and the most successful team in this tournament in Japan who won the championship 4 times. In the 2019 tournament, India will also participate. Without a doubt, India has many football fans which would contribute to the TRP of the tournament. And also, India has a football team is improving and if somehow India wins this tournament and qualified for the FIFA Confederations Cup, it is going to be huge. People in India would jump off their seats if such a moment actually happens. That apart, AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV channel in India is also revealed. Details about it are given in the article below.

AFC Asian Cup Live

AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV channel

2023 AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting Rights

As already mentioned, this is the 17th edition of the AFC Asian Cup and the defending champions for this season are Australia. The tournament is going to start from 5th January 2019 to 1st February 2019 and will be held in the United Arab Emirates. AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV channel in India is also available. The fact that the hosts for the AC Asian Cup 2023 will be the United Arab Emirates was announced on 9th March 2015. The craze of football in the United Arab Emirates is not less and the stadiums will also be filled too much extent. Of course, this tournament is not as grand as any other FIFA tournament but the fact that the winner of this tournament will be qualified for the FIFA Confederations Cup makes it more important. Big teams like Argentina and Portugal would not be in this tournament but that will not matter too. This is about the Asian Cup and many Asian teams are going to participate in it. What else does one want?

AFC Asian Cup Live

This is the second time the United Arab Emirates will host the tournament after 1996. 24 teams will battle it out against each other in 8 different venues in the United Arab Emirates. Earlier, there used to be only 16 teams but ever since 2015 the 16 team format has been changed to 24 team format.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 live streaming

AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV Channel

In India, AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV channel happens to be Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD. It was noticed that reason the qualifier matches for the AFC Asian Cup 2019 Live Streaming telecasted there. Now, AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV channel being Star Sports would bring in a lot of TRP. Many people would watch it since it is made available easily on TV and also on live streaming. The live streaming will be available on Hotstar and Jio TV.

AFC Asian Cup Live

How to watch 2023 AFC Asian Cup matches on TV in Australia and around the world

In Australia: Fox Sports 505
In Japan: TV Asahi
In South Korea: JTBC3 Fox Sports and SBS ESPN Korea
In the United Arab Emirates: beIN MAX 1 and beIN MAX 2
In Algeria: beIN MAX 2 and beIN MAX 1

Global TV Listings

  • Arab League: beIN Sports
  • Asia-Pacific: Fox International Channels
  • Australia: Fox Sports, ABC
  • Brazil: SporTV
  • China: CCTV
  • Europe: Eurosport
  • Hong Kong: Now TV
  • Indonesia: Sindo TV
  • Iran: IRIB
  • Japan: TV Asahi, NHK BS1
  • Malaysia: TV3
  • New Zealand: Sky Sport
  • North America: ONE World Sports
  • South Africa: SABC
  • South Korea: KBS, SBS, MBC
  • Thailand: Channel 7
  • Philippines: ABS-CBN Sports+Action
  • Uzbekistan: SPORT-UZ

AFC Asian Cup Live

2023 AFC Asian Cup Broadcasting TV Channel List

The 2023 AFC Asian Cup, one of the most prestigious football tournaments in Asia, is fast approaching. Fans from around the world are eagerly anticipating the thrilling matches and hoping to catch all the action live on their TV screens. In this article, we will explore the broadcasting TV channels for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup and delve into the significance of this coverage in bringing the tournament to millions of viewers.

Football is a sport that unites people across continents, and the AFC Asian Cup embodies this spirit of unity in the Asian football community. Held every four years, the tournament showcases the talent and passion of Asian football teams competing for the coveted title. Broadcasting plays a crucial role in connecting fans with the matches, allowing them to experience the excitement and drama from the comfort of their homes.

History of the AFC Asian Cup

The AFC Asian Cup has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1956. Over the years, it has grown in scale and popularity, attracting millions of viewers worldwide. Initially, the tournament had limited television coverage, but with advancements in technology and the increasing demand for football content, broadcasting has become an integral part of the Asian Cup experience.

Importance of Broadcasting TV Channels

Broadcasting TV channels are the lifeline of any major sporting event, including the AFC Asian Cup. They bring the matches to living rooms, sports bars, and public viewing areas, ensuring that fans don’t miss a moment of the action. Broadcasting allows fans to connect with their favorite teams, celebrate victories, and share the emotional rollercoaster that comes with supporting their nations.

Broadcasters of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup

The 2023 AFC Asian Cup will be broadcasted by a diverse range of broadcasters, both in the host country and across the globe. These broadcasters have secured the rights to transmit the matches and are working tirelessly to deliver a top-notch viewing experience. Let’s take a closer look at the main broadcasters and sub-broadcasters for the upcoming tournament.

Main Broadcasters

The main broadcasters for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup include some of the most prominent sports networks in the world. These broadcasters have a wide reach and are known for their comprehensive coverage of major sporting events. They will ensure that the matches are available to millions of viewers, bringing the tournament to the global stage.


In addition to the main broadcasters, there are also sub-broadcasters who provide additional coverage and localized commentary for specific regions. These sub-broadcasters play a crucial role in reaching diverse audiences, ensuring that the matches are accessible to fans across different languages and cultural contexts.

Online Streaming Platforms

With the rise of digital media, online streaming platforms have become a popular choice for sports fans to watch live events. The 2023 AFC Asian Cup will also be streamed on various platforms, allowing viewers to tune in from their smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs. These platforms provide flexibility and convenience, enabling fans to catch the matches anytime, anywhere.

Innovations in Broadcasting

The world of broadcasting is constantly evolving, and the AFC Asian Cup is no exception to embracing technological advancements. Broadcasters are incorporating innovative features such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive viewing experiences to enhance the fan experience. These innovations aim to make viewers feel like they are a part of the live action, further amplifying the excitement of the tournament.

Fan Experience and Engagement

Broadcasting TV channels not only bring the matches to fans but also play a vital role in engaging the audience. From pre-match analysis to post-match discussions, broadcasters provide comprehensive coverage that keeps fans informed and entertained throughout the tournament. With expert analysis, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes content, they create an immersive experience that goes beyond the ninety minutes on the pitch.

Broadcasting Challenges

While broadcasting the AFC Asian Cup is undoubtedly a monumental task, it is not without its challenges. The logistics of setting up cameras, transmitting signals, and coordinating with multiple stakeholders require meticulous planning and execution. Additionally, broadcasters must navigate language barriers, varying time zones, and technical glitches to ensure a seamless viewing experience for fans worldwide.

Future of Asian Cup Broadcasting

As technology continues to advance, the future of Asian Cup broadcasting looks promising. With the advent of 5G networks, improved streaming capabilities, and emerging platforms, fans can expect an even more immersive and personalized viewing experience in the years to come. The AFC Asian Cup will continue to captivate audiences globally, cementing its position as a premier football tournament in Asia.


The broadcasting TV channels for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup will bring the excitement, drama, and joy of the tournament to millions of viewers worldwide. From main broadcasters to sub-broadcasters and online streaming platforms, fans will have various options to choose from to catch all the live action. The innovations in broadcasting and the dedication of broadcasters contribute to creating a memorable experience for football enthusiasts everywhere.


FAQ 1: How can I watch the 2023 AFC Asian Cup matches?

To watch the 2023 AFC Asian Cup matches, you can tune in to the main broadcasters in your region or explore online streaming platforms that have secured the rights to transmit the tournament.

FAQ 2: Can I watch the AFC Asian Cup matches on my smartphone?

Yes, you can watch the AFC Asian Cup matches on your smartphone through various online streaming platforms that offer mobile applications or responsive websites.

FAQ 3: Will the matches be available with localized commentary?

Yes, many sub-broadcasters provide localized commentary in different languages to cater to diverse audiences and enhance the viewing experience.

FAQ 4: Are there any plans for virtual reality coverage of the AFC Asian Cup?

While virtual reality coverage has been gaining popularity in sports broadcasting, it is advisable to check with the broadcasters for any specific plans regarding virtual reality for the AFC Asian Cup.

FAQ 5: What are some recommended online streaming platforms for watching the tournament?

Some popular online streaming platforms that may broadcast the AFC Asian Cup include major sports networks’ websites, dedicated sports streaming services, and regional streaming platforms.

AFC Asian Cup 2023 Broadcasting Rights, TV Channels Details

Territory Channel
 Arab League beIN Sports
 Asia-Pacific Fox International Channels
 Australia Fox Sports, ABC
 Brazil SporTV
 China CCTV
 Europe Eurosport
 Hong Kong Now TV
 India Star Sports
 Indonesia Sindo TV
 Iran IRIB
 Japan TV Asahi, NHK BS1
 Malaysia TV3
 New Zealand Sky Sport
 North America ONE World Sports
 South Africa SABC
 South Korea KBS, SBS, MBC
 Thailand Channel 7
 Philippines ABS-CBN Sports+Action
 Uzbekistan SPORT-UZ

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