AFC Asian Cup Winners & Runners up List [All Edition 1956-2023]

By | February 20, 2023

AFC Asian Cup Winners & Runners up List [All Edition 1956-2019]: Hey guys what’s up! From my couple of days research, I have found that many of you are looking for the AFC Asian Cup Winners & Runners-up List [All Edition 1956-2019]. So in this article, we are going to show you all winners and runners-up list for the AFC Asian Cup. Those who don’t don’t know what is AFC Asian cup is? For those, I want to inform that AFC Asian Cup is an international Association football tournament. This tournament is run by the Asian Football Confederation. As this is a tournament which is played among the Asian country so those who win this tournament they will be called as Asian champion and they will qualify for the FIFA Confederation Cup.

This tournament is played every after four years.  In the year of 1956 (62 year’s ago)  this tournament player first or you can also say on this day this tournament was founded.  From then this tournament is continuing till date. Which is played every after 4 years among the Asian countries? In total 24 teams participate in this tournament. The current champion of the AFC Asian cup is Australia.  And the most successful team who hold the title of AFC Asian cup in Japan because they hold 4 titles. In the year of 2007 Australia joined the Asian Confederation Cup and they hosted the Asian Cup finals in 2015. Till now 16 tournament of AFC Asian Cup has been played and the upcoming 17th tournament of AFC Asian Cup will be played in 2023 at United Arab Emirates – UAE.

AFC Asian Cup Winners – Runners-up

1956 Hong Kong South Korea Israel Winner decided in round robin
1960 South Korea South Korea Israel Winner decided in round robin
1964 Israel Israel India Winner decided in round robin
1968 Iran Iran Burma Winner decided in round robin
1972 Thailand Iran South Korea 2-1
1976 Iran Iran Kuwait 1-0
1980 Kuwait Kuwait South Korea 3-0
1984 Singapore Saudi Arabia China PR 2-0
1988 Qatar Saudi Arabia South Korea 0-0 [4-3 in Penalties]
1992 Japan Japan Saudi Arabia 1-0
1996 UAE Saudi Arabia UAE 0-0 [4-2 in Penalties]
2000 Lebanon Japan Saudi Arabia 1-0
2004 China Japan China PR 3-1
2007 Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam Iraq Saudi Arabia 1-0
2011 Qatar Japan Australia 1-0
2015 Australia Australia South Korea 2-1

As we know that all tournament are played in the better suit climates and they are offer rescheduled.  Like them, AFC Asian cup can also be rescheduled for the better suit climate and this already happened once.  If you watch at past in the year of 2007 AFC Asian cup has been played in the month o June but the following three tournaments were played in January. The first ever tournament of AFC Asian Cup has been played in hong Kong with seven of the 12 founding members taking part. In the year of 2007 AFC Asian cup has been hosted by 4 nation  Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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This tournament has been played in two stages one is group round stage another one is the knockout stage. In a group, there will be four team and each team will play three matches. Then on the knockout stage, six teams will qualify and they will compete in a single-elimination tournament. From knockout stage 2 team will qualify for the final of AFC Asian cup.

In the way India is progessing themselves in football I hope they will perform well on the upcoming AFC Asian CUP which will be played in United Arab Emirates – UAE. So if you have like this article then share this article help others also to know about this article.

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