AFC Asian Cup 2024 Live Streaming Free Online on BeIN Sports

AFC Asian Cup 2024 live Streaming on BeIN Sports, Fox, ITV, and BBC free.: In case you don’t already know what AFC Asian Cup is, it is a football championship tournament in Asia organized by none other than the Asian Football Confederations (AFC). Hence the name, AFC Asian Cup. The 2024 edition of the AFC Asian Cup is going to be the 17th edition which will be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was announced on 9th March 2015 that UAE will host the tournament and it is the second time they are doing so. The last time UAE hosted this tournament was back in 1996. AFC Asian Cup 2024 live will also be available on many services. There will be a total of 24 teams which is the extended version of 16 teams format which used to happen from 2004 to 2015.

AFC Asian Cup Live

AFC Asian Cup 2024

AFC Asian Cup 2019 live streaming

AFC Asian Cup 2024 Details

There are 8 venues in UAE in which all the matches of the AFC Asian Cup 2024 will be played and it will be absolute fun to watch. The group stage matches will actually constitute 6 groups of 4 teams and then the highest scorers will get into the playoffs. This is an interesting format to make the course of the game change anytime. This is what will make it unpredictable and better.

AFC Asian Cup Live

The defending Champions are Australia and heading into the field in the AFC Asian Cup 2024, they will be very confident. The winner of this tournament will not only earn the trophy but also earn the right to participate in the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup which is the second biggest tournament of FIFA after the Copa America 2020 Live Streaming. If the host of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2021 wins the AFC Asian Cup 2024 then the runner-up will qualify, as we all know the host country is automatically qualified. So you basically cannot uplift the already uplifted.

The qualification matches are already played and the teams which are going to play in the AFC Asian Cup 2024 are already decided. If one of your favorite teams is in this tournament you can catch up on the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live to watch their matches. All the information will be given in the article down below.

AFC Asian Cup Live

The AFC Asian Cup teams

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 is one of the most exciting football tournaments which is set to happen in 2024. As a matter of fact, it is going to be another tournament after FIFA to pump up the football fans and keep them entertained all along. There are many big teams who are going to participate in the tournament which is going to make the match list even more interesting. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia is going to end in mid-2018 and this tournament is going to start at the beginning of 2024. And of course, the stakes are also high at AFC Asian Cup 2024 as a promises one team’s qualification to the FIFA Confederations Cup 2021.

AFC Asian Cup live Streaming

AFC Asian Cup Live

There are many teams that are going to participate in the AFC Asian Cup 2024 which also includes our very own, India. India secured their direct qualification to this tournament for the first time after 1984. For the football enthusiasts of India, AFC Asian Cup 2024 live will also be available in India in many different services. Whichever favors your personal preference, you should go and watch the live from that service itself. The official match ball which the AFC Asian Cup 2024 is going to use is none other than the Nike Merlin.

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 has a total of 24 teams and only the hosts of the tournament were automatically qualified and the other 23 teams had to go through the qualification tournament. The 24 teams are divided into 6 groups of four teams each and the teams in each group follow the Single Round Robin format and play and win matches to qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs consist of the quarterfinals, the semi-finals, and finals, the finals to determine the winner of the AFC Asian Cup 2024.

AFC Asian Cup Live

The teams that qualified for the AFC Asian Cup 2024, till now, are:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Australia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • China PR
  • Palestine
  • Oman
  • India
  • Lebanon
  • Turkmenistan
  • Jordan
  • Bahrain
  • Vietnam
  • Kyrgyzstan

Participating countries of AFC 2024

AFC Asian Cup is one of the prides in the history of football most Asian countries play in this tournament. In every season of the AFC, only 16 teams used to play football matches. In this AFC 2024, a total of 24 teams are participating from 24 Asian countries. These 24 teams are grouped into 6 groups, where each group consists of only 4 teams.

AFC Asian Cup Live

AFC Asian Cup live Streaming

In this season of the AFC Asian cup 2024, there were a total of 45 nations participated. Only 23 nations are selected from them through Qualifying matches. The host nation is the 24th one that participates in the AFC Asian Cup matches. This country need not play with other nations to get qualified, instead, it directly plays in the final tournament.

AFC Asian Cup Live

AFC Asian Cup Qualifying matches

Qualifying matches between 23 nations were conducted from 2015 March to 2018 March. The process of qualification takes place in three stages. In this, the first two stages are combined with the 2022 FIFA world cup qualification. The final stage is the qualifying session of the 2024 AFC matches with 24 teams participating in it that starts on 27th of March 2018.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 Trophy

This tournament surely does not contain many of the star teams such as Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, and so on and there is nothing to complain about it. The AFC Asian Cup was always supposed to be a kickstart for teams who are growing in the game of football. This is going to be helpful to some extent to each and every single team and to a large extent to the winners. Overall, this is going to be an amazing tournament, as usual. AFC Asian Cup is one of the biggest tournaments in football, with a huge number of fans eagerly waiting for the matches. AFC Asian Cup live Streaming.

AFC Asian Cup Live

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 venues

As already mentioned, the host for this season of the AFC Asian Cup is none other than UAE and all the matches will be played in and around the stadiums of the United Arab Emirates. There are a total of 8 venues in which all the matches will be played of the tournament. The venues are:

  • Zayed Sports City Stadium.
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadiumand Al Nahyan Stadium in Abu Dhabi.
  • Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium and Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain.
  • Al-Maktoum Stadiumand Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai. 
  • Sharjah Stadium in Sharjah.

AFC Asian Cup Live

The qualifying matches that are being played by the 24 countries are going to be hosted in UAE. These matches are hosted in the eight different stadiums of UAE. These eight football stadiums are in eight different cities with huge capacities. The final match of the 2024 AFC Asian cup is being played in Zayed sports city stadium.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 live streaming

The schedule of the matches is not yet decided and revealed because the tournament is going to start in 2024 and more focus of the Football world at this point in time is on the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in Russia. This is the reason why they want to wait till the world cup is over and the attention diverts. However, there are a few things which is already been decided like the fact that the first and the last matches are going to be played in the Zayed Sports City Stadium which is one of the three stadiums in Abu Dhabi. It is obvious that the match schedule will fully optimize and utilize all the venues. It is predicted and analyzed that at least 5 matches will be allocated to each venue.

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AFC Asian Cup 2024 live

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 has many teams that all of India will be excited for. Firstly, it’s our own country, India, and we will be excited about and would watch the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live. Also, India is considered to be a country where cricket is more respected than football but that is not for everybody. There are also football enthusiasts who are more into football than cricket or any other game. For them, the best option to catch up with the football matches is via AFC Asian Cup 2024 live or on TV.

AFC Asian Cup Live

The TV channels which are going to telecast the matches are Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD. AFC Asian Cup live rights are, however, earned by Hotstar and Jio TV. Life actually becomes much easier since the internet came into existence. Before the internet, nobody could have even thought of watching matches anytime and from anywhere. You don’t need to sit in front of your TV to watch matches every time, and the courtesy of it goes to live services. The AFC Asian Cup live is just going to give the viewers another great experience of live. Do not forget to watch your favorite teams’ actions in the first big tournament of the football world in 2024.

AFC Asian Cup 2024 Schedule Fixtures

The AFC Asian cup 2024 is the seventeenth season of the AFC. This is the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Asia. Every season of the AFC Asian Cup is organized by Asian Football Confederation and also offers live AFC 2024.

AFC Asian cup 2024, which is the 17th edition is hosted by United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is the second time that AFC matches are hosted in UAE. Earlier in 1996 AFC matches were also hosted by UAE only. These matches are going to be held from 5th of January to 1st of February 2024. (We will Update Soon).

AFC Asian Cup Live

AFC Asian Cup live Streaming

AFC Asian Cup 2019 Broadcasting Rights TV Channels

Watch Asian Cup 2024 Broadcasting TV Channel are BeIN Sports, Fox, ITV, BBC free. AFC Asian Cup is one of the biggest tournaments in football, it has a huge number of fans all over the world. Hence, everyone will be eager to watch these football matches. It is not possible for everyone to watch the match in the stadium, due to various reasons. So, live of AFC 2019 makes it possible to watch.

Territory Channel
 Arab League beIN Sports
 Asia-Pacific Fox International Channels
 Australia Fox Sports, ABC
 Brazil SporTV
 China CCTV
 Europe Eurosport
 Hong Kong Now TV
 India Star Sports
 Indonesia Sindo TV
 Iran IRIB
 Japan TV Asahi, NHK BS1
 Malaysia TV3
 New Zealand Sky Sport
 North America ONE World Sports
 South Africa SABC
 South Korea KBS, SBS, MBC
 Thailand Channel 7
 Philippines ABS-CBN Sports+Action
 Uzbekistan SPORT-UZ

AFC 2024 qualifying matches and the even final match can be watched in online. Those who have missed watching live AFC matches, need not worry. They can watch through live of AFC 2024 matches on various websites. Though there are many websites that offer live of AFC 2024 matches fox sports Asia and live 3S are popular among them. So enjoy this AFC season watching the matches in live.

Watch AFC Asian Cup 2024 Live Online

The AFC Asian Cup is one of the biggest football tournaments in Asia. It is a major tournament and is always eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. If you’re still getting familiar with this event, now is the time to catch up! You can watch all of the action live online from anywhere worldwide, courtesy of Streamango. Sign up for a free account and start streaming the AFC Asian Cup 2024 today!

AFC Asian Cup Live

Where to Watch AFC Asian Cup 2024 Live Online

The AFC Asian Cup is one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world. This year’s edition is taking place in Qatar from January 5- January 15, and anyone can watch all the action online.

There are a few ways to watch the AFC Asian Cup online. The most popular method is to use a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. These services offer live streaming of all matches in HD quality. You can also watch individual matches on these platforms by clicking on the links provided below each match.

Another option for watching the AFC Asian Cup is to use a VPN service to change your location. This will allow you to view the tournament from anywhere in the world. Just sign up for a VPN and select Asia as your region. Once signed up, open any web browser and type “” into the address bar. This will take you to a page listing all of the VPN servers in Asia. Click on one of these servers, then open your web browser again and type.

AFC Asian Cup Live

How to Watch AFC Asian Cup 2024 Live Stream

If you’re looking to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live stream from anywhere in the world, plenty of options are available. You can watch the tournament online through various streaming services or by watching it on television. Here’s a list of some of the best ways to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live stream:

 Stream It Live: The easiest way to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live stream is to use one of the many streaming services available. These services offer a variety of ways to tune into the games, including through a web browser, app, or Roku device. Search for “watch Asian cup online” and select your preferred method of watching.

TV Streaming: If you don’t have access to a streaming service, you can always try watching it on TV. Many countries will broadcast the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live, so no matter where you are in the world, you should be able to find a channel that is airing it. Check your local listings and determine when and where each game is being played.

Watch Online Via VPN: If you want to hide your identity while streaming the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live, consider using a VPN. This will help keep your internet traffic anonymous and protect your privacy. Sign up for a VPN account before travelling to Asia and connect to an overseas server when accessing the AFC Asian Cup 2024 live stream.

AFC Asian Cup Live


If you’re a football fan and want to watch AFC Asian Cup 2024 live online from anywhere in the world, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Our live streaming service allows viewers to watch all of the action as it happens, so whether you’re at home or on holiday, you’ll be able to catch every goal and substitution. And if more is needed, our service allows users to chat with other fans during and after each match. So why wait? Sign up today and join in on the Asian Cup excitement!

AFC Asian Cup Live

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The AFC Asian Cup 2023 is not as per as it seems to be. The 18th edition of the tournament is going to start on 5th January 2023. It is the craze of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia that this tournament is not being talked about much. On the other hand, it is high time you should know a thing or two about the AFC Asian Cup 2023 already. This is the reason why this website is dedicated to these updates.

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AFC Asian Cup 2019 live streaming

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